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WebQuest Hosting is reinventing customer satisfaction by making customer support our priority. With over seven years in ecommerce, we have developed extensive knowledge in   support.

Our highly skilled team will configure, monitor and manage your hosting account 24/7 and be there when any problem may arise.

  1. CGI Scripts
    We pre-install numerousCGI scripts on each of our hosting packages.

  2. FrontPage Extensions
    FrontPage extensions. This allows you to design websites using Microsoft FrontPage and publish to our servers using FrontPage as well.

  3. RealAudio and Video with G2 Capability
    You can add life to your pages with RealAudio and Video. The RealAudio and Video is, in our opinion, the best technology for streaming multimedia from the internet.

  4. Wusage 7.0
    This is a very powerful tool for tracking visitors to your site. It will tell you how long the visitor stayed there, what pages they viewed, and the order in which they were visited. With the advanced logging activated, you can even tell where they came from and what browser they used!

  5. Referrer Logs
    This is an extended logging feature that will document where each visitor to your site came from.You will know if they found you from a search engine, another website, an online portal of some sort, what key words were used, etc. This is valuable information when planning your site’s marketing.

  6. Raw Log Files
    For statistical analysis, you may download these logs showing your “hits”. These logs are in real time, meaning every hit you get, they update that second!

  7. Forwarding
    You will be able to specify up to an unlimited number of email addresses in a simple text file and have them each redirected to a location of your choice.

  8. Aliases
    Unlike many systems, we have designed our network to automatically capture any name that may be sent to your domain name. This will allow any mail sent to the proper domain name (@yourdomainname.com) to be received, even if the username is typed in incorrectly. For example, if your actual email account is Carol@yourdomainname.com and someone sends an email to Carol@yourdomainname.com (notice the misspelling in the username), it will still be delivered. On the other hand, you can have this ability disabled and all mistypes will be bounced back to the sender.

  9. Autoresponders
    These are simple text files you place in a folder called /infobots, located within your domain. When email sent to your domain with the name of one of these files, the file is automatically returned to the sender of the mail.

  10. Mailing List
    This simple mail list program is text based. You upload a text file with up to 1000 email addresses in it, to your mail list directory. Then you name the file “something”. When you send an email to something@youractualdomain.com, each person in that file will get a copy of that email. This mail list program can take attachments as well.

  11. FTP
    Abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol; method used to “upload” the files of your website from your hard disk to the virtual server. You will have access to the virtual server via FTP 24 hours a day to setup and maintain your website. You can work on HTML documents, graphics, and scripts locally, then upload the files to your website when ready.

  12. Telnet
    Login by shell for script development.

  13. Secure Shell Access (SSH)
    Lets you login by shell like Telnet, however, this is more secure. You will be required to download SSH client.

50MB disk space .5 GB of data
   SSI, Pop3

250MB disk space
1 GB of data
secure server,

400MB disk space
2 GB of data
secure server,

1 GB disk space
2 GB of data
   SSI, Pop3

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