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WebQuest Hosting is reinventing customer satisfaction by making customer support our priority. With over seven years in ecommerce, we have developed extensive knowledge in   support.

Our highly skilled team will configure, monitor and manage your hosting account 24/7 and be there when any problem may arise.

Your brick-and-mortar business is a success. You've got a great product or an innovative service. You want to generate even more revenue by taking your business worldwide. But how? When you looked at traditional advertising, you found is was far too expensive. WebQuest Hosting has the solution!

The WebQuest Hosting EZ Start Package gives you worldwide exposure on the Internet for one low price. Imagine – your business is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week making you money all while you sit back and relax! WebQuest Hosting will custom design and create a professional web site that shows the world what you're selling and gives them all the information about your business. Our designers will work with you on the look, feel and presentation of your online image. Our Client Portfolio contains examples of web sites that have been designed or redesigned by our Web Development Team.

For the all-inclusive price of $349.99, you get a 5 page, custom-designed web site, complete with up to 30 minutes of streaming video, plus an online shopping system designed around your products, including a secure server for your credit card transactions. We recommend you obtain a merchant account (if you don't already have one) from Humbolt Bank so you can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards instantly through your web site.

After twelve months, you can continue to host your web site with WebQuest Hosting or transfer your site to another hosting company. You own the design once you host your site with WebQuest Hosting for 12 months. It’s time for you to let us helpl you turn your dreams into reality and start making money. Order now!

Your EZ Start web site comes complete with a free merchant shopping system and a secure server. However; if you want more power, may we suggest you check out the features offered by 1ShoppingCart. This system is not just a shopping cart. It's a collection of very powerful tools that is designed to help you succeed. It's a fully automated system, and can be configured to include shipping charges, tax calculation and more. The system supports US state sales taxes, Canadian GST/HST/PST, and European VAT.

With a custom designed administration area for your shopping system you can quickly add, modify and delete your products. New marketing promotions and products can be added to your virtual storefront within a few minutes. Beating your competitors to the marketplace gives you a huge advantage and with WebQuest Hosting’s EZ Start Package you are sure to be the leader in your industry. Order now and be completely online making money within 7-10 days!

What is included:

  • Design and creation of a five page custom web site (additional pages only $35 per page)
  • Up to 30 minutes of streaming video
  • Design and creation of a shopping cart system tailored to your needs
  • Two hour initial consultation with our design team
  • Web hosting, design, uploading, testing, and all setup fees
  • Up to 500 MB of storage space for your new design (that's plenty of room for future additions)
  • Web hosting at $24.99/month (with a one year subscription)
  • Up to 500 words of text per web page
  • As many as 10 items in your shopping system (for each additional item add $2.00)
  • Up to two image per catalog item and as many as four images per non-catalog page.
  • Integration of customer-supplied elements including: text, company logo, photographs and artwork, copy entry, spell check, scanning and manipulation of images
  • Free registration with top search engines

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50MB disk space .5 GB of data
   SSI, Pop3

250MB disk space
1 GB of data
secure server,

400MB disk space
2 GB of data
secure server,

1 GB disk space
2 GB of data
   SSI, Pop3

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